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SWS Hosts The Dow Chemical Company THERMAX™ Wall System Demonstration
June 8, 2010

As the world’s attention becomes more focused on global warming, architects and other building professionals are challenged to meet increasingly stringent energy-efficiency standards.  How will you meet those requirements while maintaining the integrity of your creative vision?

Dow offers a simple solution: The THERMAX™ Wall System.  This groundbreaking and cost-effective approach to steel stud wall design combines three simple parts into a system that delivers exceptional results.  This system is currently the only one that meets the Section 07-4265 Thermal and Air Barrier specification.

Bob Houck and Bryan Mallon of Dow Chemical Company led the group of architects, contractors, waterproofing consultants, suppliers and installers.  Items discussed in the presentation included:

  • Designing Steel Stud walls to meet the new code challenges
  • Moisture problems caused by condensation
  • Controlling the Dew Point
  • Incorporating rigid foam insulation into your design
  • How ASHRAE 90-1 2007 Energy Code will change current designs
  • How to meet the ASTM E2357 Air Barrier requirements for multistory construction
  • The LEED benefits of using rigid foam insulation
  • ASTM E 331 was selected to demonstrate the water-resistive nature of The THERMAX™ Wall System.

Southern Wall Systems built the mock up framed wall and installed the THERMAX™ Wall System to demonstrate the ease of installation and show the different components of the system to the group. 

The event provided important information and was a great opportunity to see a demonstration of the new wall system.

THERMAX Wall System DemoTHERMAX Wall System Demo

 THERMAX Wall System DemoTHERMAX Wall System Demo