About the Project

Belmont is a private, liberal arts university in the heart of Music City. Loud sounds and reverb may be celebrated in the city’s famed recording studios and performance halls, but not so welcome in other locales—even at the only university offering an accredited degree in music business.

To reduce noise and reverb throughout the university’s new space, Southern Wall Systems installed a seamless, five-layer finish system with acoustic dampening properties and the appearance of plaster or painted drywall.

Using the BASWA Phon acoustical plaster system in three different thicknesses, SWS created a comfortable acoustical environment that greatly reduced levels of noise and reverb.  The new acoustics gave Belmont the flexibility to use each space for a variety of purposes, providing a higher return on its investment.

Fun facts

  • BASWA acoustic® is a Swiss company that manufactures many of its components in the United States—92 percent recycled materials and free of solvents or formaldehyde. 
  • Belmont University regularly earns a spot in U.S. News & World Report’s annual list of best regional universities—most recently #5.
  • Besides having three professional-quality recording studios on campus, Belmont owns Belmont Studios, part of which is operated commercially— used by such artists as Dave Matthews, Sheryl Crow, and Bob Seger. 


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