About the Project

Built in 2007, Element Atlantic Station Condos had building elements in much need of improvements. Southern Wall Systems was tapped to remediate the entire envelope of the five-story structure—some 200,000 square feet worth.

The general contractor entrusted SWS to:

  • Demolish the deteriorated material
  • Block and frame anew
  • Apply new stucco to the facade
  • Sheath the exterior
  • Install new roofing
  • Waterproof the envelope and replace failing sealant
  • Apply elastomeric coatings

Fun facts

  • Atlantic Station sits on 138 acres and has its own ZIP code: 30363
  • The Atlantic Steel Mill operated at the site from 1901 to the 1990s, manufacturing barrel hoops, field fencing, nails, rivets, and more.
  • At the time it opened in 2005, Atlantic Station was the nation’s largest urban redevelopment project. 

Owner: Atlanta Condo Communities
General contractor: Betec Construction

Services Provided
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