About (ci) Systems

An EPS-Based High-Performance, Exterior-Wall Cladding System that integrates a seamless Air and Moisture Barrier with Continuous Insulation (ci) and advanced drainage capabilities.  These systems are fully tested and provide superior air and weather tightness, excellent long-lasting thermal performance and enhanced durability.  Aesthetic choices are endless thanks to a wide range of decorative and protective finishes.

(ci) systems were first introduced in the United States in the late 1960’s and today is one of the most tested and well researched claddings in the construction industry.  It is estimated that over 200 million square feet of Continuous Insulation Systems are used in the United States annually which accounts for about 10 percent of new wall construction.  In Canada (ci) accounts for almost 60 percent of new wall construction.

(ci) Systems Projects

Just southwest of Washington, DC, the new apartment complex recently benefitted from a major renovation and upgrade.

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